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7 January 2015

Welcome to the 26th Glycobiology Meeting

The 26th Glycobiology Meeting is organized in Lille, the 25th - 27th Octobre 2015.

A sweet welcome to the 26th Joint Glycobiology meeting, founded by Prof. J.F. Vliegenthart, and alternately organised in one of four countries : the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. In the autumn of 2015, the meeting will take place in Lille, North of France. We are honored to inaugurate JGM26 with highlights on the scientific merits of Prof. Em. Heinz Egge on the occasion of his 85th birthday.

The main goal of the JGM remains to give the opportunity to young researchers to present their work by oral or poster presentations in an international audience. The JGM wants to favor the training of PhD students in Glycobiology and to strengthen the networking between glycobiologists in trans-European collaborations.

The final program is now available.

Scientific Committee :

Julie Bouckaert (FR) UMR 8576 du CNRS
Philippe Delannoy (FR) UMR 8576 du CNRS
Christophe D’Hulst (FR) UMR 8576 du CNRS
François Foulquier (FR) UMR 8576 du CNRS
Tony Lefebvre (FR) UMR 8576 du CNRS
Anne-Harduin Lepers (FR) UMR 8576 du CNRS
Emmanuel Maes (FR) UMR 8576 du CNRS, PAGés
Els Van Damme (BE) Professor Molecular Biology, University of Ghent
Hans Vliegenthart (NL) Honorary Professor, Faculty of Science, Bijvoet Center, Utrecht University

Organizing Committee :

Julie Bouckaert UMR 8576 du CNRS
Bernadette Coddeville UMR 8576 du CNRS, PAGés
Frederic Krezwinski UMR 8576 du CNRS, PAGés
Emmanuel Maes UMR 8576 du CNRS, PAGés
Olga Plechakova UMR 8576 du CNRS, PAGés
Martine Ratajczak UMR 8576 du CNRS
Gaële Vanstaevel UMR 8576 du CNRS
Yvon Hu UMR 8576 du CNRS

Mailbox of organizing committee :

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